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4-ply Nano Mask

Our Nanomasks have anti-bacterial capabilities and can kill 95% of the bacteria within an hour, this is due to our key agent a layer of Nanosilver; they also provide moisture-wicking properties. 

• ASTM/CE Level 1

• FDA Approved (Code: QKR, Owner No: 10074674) 

• Medical Grade 3 or 4-ply Surgical Mask

• BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency): ≥ 95%

• Has Nano Silver lining which has natural anti-bacterial capabilities to kill 95% of Bacteria within 1 hour.

• Fluid Resistant Outer and Inner Layer

• Odor blocking and a moisture-wicking inner layer

• Melt Blown Inner Filter.

• Extremely comfortable and does not fog up glasses.

• Sturdy and Flexible embedded Nose Clip

• Does not cause irritation behind your Ear

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